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About Me

I started creating my costumes using old clothes with the help of my parents, but at a certain point I decided I wanted to make everything by myself, so I bought a little sewing machine and started my journey.

During the years I improved my sewing skills so that I could make my costumes without the help of other people and I also continue to experiment new materials to make weapons, armors and other props, to always aim the most accurate result.

In 2016 I worked for 20th Century Fox and Ubisoft for promoting the Assassin's Creed movie during Milan Games Week

In 2017 I won the title of Solo Italian representative for the Internation Cosplay League contest

In 2018 I've been chosen as Ubisoft Star Player for my Assassin's Creed costumes and invited at Gamescom 2018. Same year I worked for Ubisoft Quebec during the events of the launch party of Assassin's Creed Odyssey at their studio in Canada.

In 2020 I've been chosen by Ubisoft and Assassin's Creed to join The Mentors Guild as a mentor for my cosplay work during the years.


You can contact me through private message on my FB page for informations and inquiries for work and commissions: Shiva Cosplay

Or via email at: shivacosplay[@]email.com (remove square brackets)